Mediaruss Media Production concentrates on the development and production of high quality feature films, feature-length documentaries and author´s films with a universal audience appeal. We put social, political or cultural subjects into the picture that are often not in the center of the public interest. For us, it is important to keep the balance between necessary distance and engaged cineaste story telling – right in the center of the action.


Director Margarita Stepanova is a member of the German Documentary Association AG DOK






The 60-minute film tells the story of the Kabbala and looks in to the mystic scene of the kabbala centre.


What behind this philosophy, how the originated and why so many of its prominent figures feel so drawn?



This Documentary gives insight into hardly known historical archives and looks into the secretive Kabbalistische City of Zfat in Israel.



Rare footage from the Kabbala School and interviews with leading Rabbis has brought competion to this Documentary.

Trailer 07_2012 HD Endversion from Mediaruss Media Production on Vimeo.